6 Small Scale Business Ideas with Low Investment


It’s very tough to decide which path you should choose while setting up a business. When you decide to set up a business, you have to put a lot of time, effort, and money at risk. Therefore, one should do proper research before investing all the time & savings in it.

Take it from a successful businessman who once said that the key is to begin by setting up a small-scale business. Additionally, it won’t even need a large investment. Even if it proves to be a failure, you won’t have to suffer a great loss.

6 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Listed below are the top 6 small-scale business ideas that you can begin with this year.

1. Printed T-Shirts

It comes under those business ideas where you need little investment and can start it from home. You must be thinking about what will make you different from other T-shirt suppliers. Well, add a touch of customization to your t-shirts. Allow the clients to choose what needs to be printed on their t-shirts, and you are good to go.

Therefore, instead of crashing into a shopping mall, people will start flocking to your store to get the T-shirt they’ve always wanted. Along with that, you can hire a designer who will take your business to the apex with his/her trendy designs.

2. Digital Courses or Products

Enthusiastic people are always up to learn a new skill. And most of the time, people choose to rely on the Internet so that they can learn from the comfort of their homes. Especially during a time like this, when people are stuck at home without any work, they’d be more than glad to get a platform where they can learn a new skill.

Therefore, if you think you have got a skill that can be turned into an online business, you should think about this option. However, the course must be interesting enough to convince people to buy them.

3. Vacation Planner

Since people are excited to explore the unseen places of the world, they always seek the help of vacation planners. Visiting an alien land without proper planning wouldn’t be wise enough, right? Therefore, if you are organized and good at planning, you can set up a vacation planning business.

From hotel reservations and booking excursions to train/airline tickets and dining reservations, you have to take care of all. Also, after you gain certain years of experience in this, it will become very easy for you to save money and time for your clients.

4. Photography

As we all know, there are millions of events, social gatherings, and weddings that happen all across the world. If you look around your city, you will find several such events happening in a single day. This brings a brighter future for a photographer.

In this business, there’s a little investment and a lot of opportunities. Right from family functions and weddings to fashion shows and events, a photographer is needed everywhere. So, start working on such projects and watch your business flourish over time.

5. Handcrafted Gifts

Gift make special occasions more memorable, right? Even if it’s a small one, it holds great value when it’s gifted by a closed one. Nowadays, most of people are opting for handcrafted gifts over the ones that are easily available at the store.

The reason is, handcrafted gifts allow the customers to choose the colors, size, shape, and content of the gift. The option of customization is what makes the handcrafted gift popular. So, if you have a good hand at crafts, you should totally try it out. The only thing that you need to invest in are the materials that are required to make the gift. Also, you can open up an account presenting your ideas on social media to attract more customers.

6. Customized Jewellery

Imagine what if all our options would include jewelry made from gold, diamond, and silver? We’d be having a hard time buying it, isn’t it? Not every person can afford such expensive jewelry, and that is okay. Customized jewelry is now a savior for people who don’t like to be confined to a small number of choices.

Plus, through a customized jewelry business, you can show your creativity to the world. Why stick to a limited number of options when you can explore? Also, apart from the rented place and materials needed to make jewelry, there’s nothing you’ve to spend money on.


All of the above-mentioned business ideas have their fair share of barriers and risks. However, every businessman has to face a challenge of one kind or another in the beginning. If you don’t take risks, you won’t get successful. We guess there isn’t any more excuse that would stop you from embarking on your mission. If determined to become a successful businessman, go on and invest in it.

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