How to Transfer ICICI Bank Account to Another Branch?


Transfer ICICI Bank Account to Another Branch: ICICI Bank is a well known bank in India. If you have a bank account in ICICI Bank and you want to transfer your ICICI Bank Account to another branch, you are at the right page. The most common reason to transfer ICICI Bank Account is due to a change to relocation within the city or in any other city within India. The process to transfer ICICI Bank Account does not take more than 10 minutes after visiting the ICICI Bank Branch. A lot of people ask whether there is any procedure to transfer ICICI Bank Account Online, so as of now there is no such procedure. Anyways in this Article, we will guide you through the complete procedure to transfer ICICI Bank Account from one branch to another. You might also like to go through our previous article on changing address in ICICI Bank Account.

How to Transfer ICICI Bank Account from One Branch to Another?

Before we begin with the procedure to transfer ICICI Bank Account, do make a note of all the documents mentioned below and gather them.

Documents Required to Transfer ICICI Bank Account to Another Branch

Some of the important documents required for ICICI Bank Account Transfer are:-

1) ICICI Bank Account Transfer Application or Form First of all you need to check whether the Bank has a Form for Bank Account Transfer. If they have it please fill it up and put your signature wherever needed. If the bank does not provide such form then please write an application addressing the Branch Manager mentioning that you have a Savings/Current account with that particular ICICI Bank Branch and you wish to get your Account transferred to [Name of the Branch] in [Name of the City]. Do provide other details of your Bank Account like your Name exactly as mentioned in your Account and your Account Number.

2) Proof of Address: A self-attested copy of Proof of Address will also be required. Proof of Address documents can be Aadhaar Card, Election/Voter Card, Indian Passport, Passbook of any other Bank in your Name, etc. In case you have a current account, you will also be required to submit the registration documents your Company or firm.

3) PAN Card: A self-attested copy of Pan Card will also be needed. In case of a current account, Company PAN will also be needed.

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Steps to Transfer ICICI Bank Account to Another Branch

Once you have all the documents mentioned above for ICICI Bank Account Transfer, you just need to follow a few steps in order to complete the account transfer process in ICICI Bank.

Steps to transfer your ICICI Bank Account from One Branch to Another Branch are given below :

  1. Visit any Branch of ICICI Bank (preferably Home Branch) and remember to carry all the documents listed above.
  2. Next, you need to meet the Accounts Executive or the Branch Manager and tell him that you want to transfer your ICICI Bank Account to another Branch. Submit the self-attested photocopy of your Proof of Address, PAN Card, and Account Transfer application.
  3. Finally, Visit the Branch where you have transferred your Account and tell the Accounts Executive that you have transferred your Account from your old branch. He will ask you for your Branch and Account Details and will ask you to submit a photostat copy and show an original copy of your Address Proof for verification purposes.

The Account Transfer process will be completed within 1-2 business days.

Those who want to change Mobile Number in ICICI Bank can change easily by visiting the branch and getting SMS alerts on their latest mobile number.


It’s not a big deal to transfer ICICI Bank Account. You might have noticed that the procedure to transfer ICICI Bank Account to Another Branch is quite an easy process and doesn’t take much time. So, just gather the documents and visit any ICICI Bank Branch to transfer ICICI Bank Account from one branch to another branch.

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