How to get New Passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank?


Get New Passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank: Dhanalaxmi Bank is one of the best-known banks in India. While opening a bank account in Dhanalaxmi Bank, you are also handed a Bank Passbook. Due to several reasons, you may want to get duplicate or new bank passbook from Dhanalaxmi Bank. A Bank Passbook is nothing but a book which has all your Account relation details as well as a summary of transactions. New Passbook charges in Dhanalaxmi Bank are NIL. Not only a Bank Passbook serves as a Banking document but it also acts as a proof of Address and can be used while applying for Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport etc. So, if you do not own a Dhanalaxmi Bank Passbook, you must read this article and follow the steps to get a new passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank. Also, read our previous articles on the procedure to get bank statement in Dhanalaxmi Bank and change mobile number in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account.

This article can be used to : 

  1. Apply for a New Dhanalaxmi Bank Passbook if it is Lost or Stolen.
  2. Apply for a Duplicate Dhanalaxmi Bank Passbook if it is Damaged.
  3. Apply for an Extra Passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank due to the Exhaustion of Pages.

Kindly follow the step by step procedure mentioned in this article in order to get a new passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank.

How to Apply for Dhanalaxmi Bank Passbook?

For getting a duplicate passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank, you need to follow the 3 main steps given below. Let us finally start with the procedure to get a new passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank.

1) Writing an Application to the Dhanalaxmi Bank Branch Manager

First of all, you need to write an application addressing the Dhanalaxmi Bank Manager as given below.


The Manager,

Dhanalaxmi Bank,

(Branch Name),

(City Name)

Subject: Application for getting a Duplicate Passbook for Savings Account No.­­­­­­­­­ (Enter your Account No. here)

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

My name is (Enter Your Name) and I have a savings bank account in your Branch. Unfortunately, I have recently lost my passbook (Do mention the reason like due to exhaustion of pages, due to passbook damage, etc.). I am requesting you to issue new Bank Passbook as soon as possible.

Along with this application, I am also attaching my Identity and Address Proof Documents.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Account Holder’s Name)

(Account Holder’s Signature)

2) Gathering the Proof of Address and Identity

Now you need to gather the Identity and Address Proof Documents which you are required to submit along with the Application that you have written in (Step 1) above.

3) Submitting the Application and Documents to Dhanalaxmi Bank Home Branch

Once you have written the application and you have identity & address proof documents with you, just need to visit your Dhanalaxmi Bank home branch and submit these three documents.

This is the complete procedure to apply for passbook in Dhanalaxmi Bank. Upon successful verification of your signature in application and your Proof of Address and Identity, bank accountant will give you a new passbook.

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Things to Check before moving out of the Branch with your Passbook

1) Once you get Passbook from Dhanalaxmi Bank, do check whether it has a bar code or not. A Bar Code is needed to update the entries on your Passbook through Passbook Printing Machine. In case your passbook does not have a Bar Code, you won’t be able to update the transactions on your Passbook using Passbook Printing Machine.

2) Don’t forget to check whether your Name, Address and other important details are printed correctly on your Dhanalaxmi Bank Passbook or not. If not, you should get these details corrected.

3) Do remember to get your Bank Passbook photo attested. Photo Attestation of Bank Passbook means your Photograph must be pasted on your Passbook and it must be cross-signed and stamped by your Branch Manager or person in charge. A Photo Attested Passbook can be used for Property related transactions like while buying or selling a property.

Final Words:

Now you can say that getting a Duplicate Passbook from Dhanalaxmi Bank is quite an easy task it can be done in not more than 15-20 minutes once you reach your Home Branch along with your Application, Address Proof, and Identity Proof documents. It is always suggested that you must check all the details on your passbook before you finally move out of your Dhanalaxmi Bank Branch.

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