How to Change Name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account?


Change Name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account: Dhanalaxmi Bank is a well-known bank in India, which provides all its account holders with a lot of services. We have previously discussed the procedure to change address in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account as well as to change registered mobile number in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account. Now, if you are looking to change your name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account, this article will surely help you out with the same. There may be several reasons why you want to change your name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account like Change of Name after Marriage, Change of Name due to Change of Religion or due any other reason. In this article, we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure and all the documents required to change name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account. Kindly note that changing your name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account will also allow you to change name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account-related documents like Debit Card, Cheque Book, etc.

Procedure to Change Name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account

Before we begin with the step-by-step procedure to change name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account, make sure that your Account is operational and not dormant. If your Account is dormant, you need reactivate Dhanalaxmi Bank dormant Account first.

Steps to Change Name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account

1) Write an Application to the Branch Manager for Name Change in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account. The application must have all these details :

  • Your existing Bank Account number and Customer ID/CIF Number (You can find this on your Account Statement)
  • Your Existing Name and Your New Name
  • Reason for Change of Name
  • Your old and new signatures(if Changed)
  • Your contact details such as your Address, Mobile number, and Email address

2) Gather Important Documents as proof of Name Change

  • Self-attested copy of your Marriage Certificate (For women who want to change name after Marriage).
  • An attested copy of the Gazette notification with the Old and New names on it (For any other reason).

Note: In rare cases, you may also be asked for a Change of Name Newspaper Publication.

3) Visit your Dhanalaxmi Bank Home Branch, ask for Dhanalaxmi Bank Change/Modification Request Form, and fill it up.

4) Submit all the Documents including the Application of Name Change, Attested copy of the Marriage Certificate/Gazette Notification copy, and filled up Change/Modification Request Form to the Accounts Executive.

Thats it! Upon successful validation of your documents, your name will be changed in Dhanalaxmi Bank records. You can use your Dhanalaxmi Bank Statement to change your Name in various other documents like PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, etc. If you have not linked your Aadhaar Card to Bank Account, you must link your Aadhaar Card to Dhanalaxmi Bank Account. If you have relocated to another place or another city, you can also transfer Dhanalaxmi Bank Account easily.

Final Words:

You might have noticed that the procedure to change name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account is pretty easy. Once you have all the documents, it doesn’t take long for the Change of Name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Account. You can easily change your Name in Dhanalaxmi Bank Debit Card and Cheque Book after it has been changed in the bank records.

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