Why Does Business Writing So Important in The Modern World?


According to a recent study, ordinary employees from all over the world receive more than 190 notifications a day by paper, voicemail, e-mail, phone, etc. Business communication via email is one of the most important parts of any person right now and, in most instances, the first contact in the business world begins with written communication – business letters. However, it is impossible to gain success if you refuse to follow some general rules of etiquette of business letters. All barely originated contacts can be interrupted and you will lose a client or business partner or even a job. So, we think that there is no need to convince anyone how important it is to be able to write business letters. You are obliged to know how to create a favorable impression of yourself and your company as a whole, that’s why you should not stop reading this article.

Business correspondence is operated under the same rules and regulations that the business community operates in all other forms of business cooperation: communicating by phone, negotiating, etc. In our honest opinion, the ethics of business correspondence via e-mail based on several immutable principles:

  • Reciprocal respect for the personality of the opponent and the business position of each other.
  • Attention to the business interests of the opponent.
  • Understanding the importance of privacy issues.
  • Punctuality in the exchange of information.

Of course, it is really cool that you know the theoretical part of business writing. However, it’s almost impossible to do something if you do not know the practical aspects of this case. It is not a period of your studying in college or university when you had the possibility to type “admission essay proofreading” and get your lucky link like this – https://scribendi.com/services/admission_essay_proofreading. Click it, make an order and that’s all. The problem is solved. 

10 Business Writing Principles Use by Millionaires

Everything has changed, that’s why let us consider some practical tools for implementing the above-mentioned principles:

1. Get to the point as quickly as possible

The well-known saying, “Time is money,” is well known because it is not fake. In 24/7 global high speak word, it is really important that you know how to get to the point as quickly as possible. Respect the time of your correspondent laying out the essence of your message brief. Use only concrete rather than abstract words, which can irritate and confuse an audience.

2. Prefer the simple to the complex.

People just want to get to the fundamentals. Do not interrupt them to do this. Use simple ordinary words. Moreover, use only 20 words or less in your sentences. Sentences with many words are simply distracting and annoying, it does not help the reader to understand the essence of your letter. In addition, try to avoid many professional concepts and foreign languages. It doesn’t help you to find a common language with a reader. Do not build an extra wall of misunderstanding between you and the audience. Destroy it without any hesitation!

3. Be Courteous and Use Only Conversation and Polite Tone

Nobody likes to read negativity which is why choose the tone of the conversation wisely because it can change the development of beneficial relationships with your respondent. You make the readers work extra hard trying to figure out what that means.

4. Observe Timeline

When you receive a letter, always try to send feedback as soon as possible, because if you pause to answer, your correspondent can think that you are going to ignore or insult him or her.

5. Avoid Jargon and Unnecessary Words

The use of inappropriate words can worsen the opinions of colleagues about your professionalism, and this may affect your career development. Moreover, we think that this paragraph is quite obvious and you should avoid these inappropriate words and phrases.

6. Correct

Grammatical mistakes in your letter are simply unacceptable. Partners will think you are illiterate. If these articles are very important and you are not sure that you are right, you should refer to special services, which can help you with this problem almost free of charge.

7. Cut the Fat

Use only the necessary details! You should not use unnecessary elements, which can help you to write a long letter but senseless. Try to be precise and appreciate your reader who wants to read a text about something really important.

8. Write With Nouns and Verbs Avoiding Passive Language

Active Voice is significantly more convenient than Passive Voice. People easily understand the essence of your message, if you avoided the structure with passive voice. For example, you would rather write, “The customer bought the goods” than “The goods were bought by the customer”. Of course, we are native speakers and we can understand your message, but you should avoid it to make your letter easier for the audience.

9. Read Your Letters Aloud to be Sure That You Have Captured the Sentiment

It is weird, but usually, when we write an e-mail we skip some important nouns, verbs, or just two words, which can change the structure of your sentence. Therefore, it is extremely important to check your letters at least twice, if you want to avoid misunderstandings in the near future.

10. Practice Every Day

Writing business e-mails is not an easy task, which requests everyday practice. You will be able to write letters with good structure and tone only when you will be experienced in this.

Therefore, try to follow these 10 tips about business writing and you will manage to gain success in the near future.

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